5W’s 1H Formula Approach for Website & Application

If you are someone that needs to create website or Application in order to connect with your customers. Using a well-worn writer’s technique called the “reporter’s questions,” or “the 5 W’s and the H” may be just what you need.

The 5 W’s and the H refers to the six questions helps our customer and also us to understand what our client is looking for. This makes more sense.







Let’s say we have going to make application for a client.

Who will benefit?

When you are developing an application that will get benefit on by this application. What solutions give for a problem?

What are the features you are looking to develop?

What are feature and module we are going to implement in our development?

When you are going to launch?

Some projects are needed to launch on specific duration. It will hit markets like Netflix launched in India during summer holidays same way online exam portal launch for NEET exam as it was made mandatory.

Where it is going launch?

Some project will be online or offline based customer usage it depends.

Why does it matter?

Why this application required for your customer. What solutions it gives at the end of the day.

How it can be done?

Here our more involvement towards solutions. How we can give best solutions.

You can still use these questions to help you brainstorm for ideas and map out an outline for your application.

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